Croft Steel can help you by finding solutions to all the issues involved in getting steel products to where you want them.


Our good supply relationships with steel mills, and a network of agents located in the region means that we are well placed to source the right product at the right price.


The trading of steel requires trade finance solutions and the application of these solutions is as critical to the business as the finished product or the ship that it is moved in.

Primarily this takes the form of debtor financing however Croft Steel also offers pre-financing solutions to both suppliers and customers.


Sourcing the product is only part of the job, getting it to you on time and in good condition is vital.

At Croft Steel we work closely with everybody involved including steel mills, shipping companies, stevedores and road transport operators to manage the safe and efficient movement of products from source to where you want them.

Managing this is helped by the experience of our team and Croft Steels investment in Information Management systems designed to keep your cargo moving.

Risk Management

Risk is inherent in all parts of our daily trading activities, however it is the management of these risks that is fundamental to Croft Steel's ongoing success.

Logistical risks are mitigated through a good knowledge and strong management of contractual terms and insurance policies covering products from origin to final destination.

Financial risks are clearly identified and managed through the supply chain by practices such as the use of letters of credit, clear FX contract policies and credit insurance on all open account customers.

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